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nfoCentrale Is Being Repaved.

The Construction Structure and Content of this site is being repaved by customization of material scavenged from other nfoCentrale sites and the systematic upgrade of the style of this site.

Check the Repaving Project pages for additional details on the approach and its tracking.  Contact the nfoCentrale technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


  2015-03-06 Move proof to the new quadro/worthiness and A2sites/worthiness, etc.
  2015-03-06 After A2site/worthiness mirror functioning, continue all maintenance on WorthinessCompagno with construction structure and hooking up Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International too.
  2015-03-06 When quadro/worthiness ready, populate A2sites/worthiness and remove A2Anchor/worthiness after confirming FTP transfer from A2sites/worthiness.
  2015-03-06 Create minimal construction structure on quadro/worthiness.
  2014-10-19 Update to CC-by-4.0
  2014-10-19 Update to CC-by-4.0
  2014-10-19 Update ODMdev to CC-by-4.0
  2014-10-19 Update to CC-by-4.0
  2014-10-19 Update to CC-by-4.0
  2014-10-19 Update to CC-by-4.0
  2014-10-19 Update to CC-by-4.0
  2014-10-19 Update to CC-by-4.0
  2014-10-19 Update to CC-by 4.0
  2014-10-19 Update to CC-by 4.0
  2014-10-19 Update to CC-by 4.0
  2014-10-19 Update to CC-by 4.0
in progress 2014-10-18 Incorporate CC by 4.0 in the templates and repaving of as a prototype for the anchored sites.
in progress 2014-10-18 Establish Hub for Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC by 4.0) license
  2014-05-18 dma: find out why is not serving up
  2014-04-21 Other about stuff could include Maintenance Procedures and the Status blog
  2014-04-21 Projects could be Construction Structure Practices and Templates, Creative Commons Licensing, Movable Type integration, Repaving Web Organization
  2014-04-21 On moving the welcome page into document engineering, replace the page with one on the model of NuovoDoc and as intended for nfoWorks.
  2014-04-19 nfocentrale.htm: Beside the URLs to the add-on domains, show add-ons and subdomains respectively (with some caveat about subdomains being deep-linked?)  Or maybe the Construction Structure handles this?   Or maybe we need a folio on nfocentrale and how the anchoring is implemented?  Yes, probably that.
  2014-04-19 nfocentrale.htm: Segregate material that is here (Construction, status, etc.) from the anchored sites more clearly.
  2014-04-12 Append to keybase.txt or some other file, information on confirming that the is the anchor site for the add-on domains, etc.
  2014-01-18 Reviewing of the nfoCentrale/status/ categories and the effort to capture the various procedures from the blog in a more-accessible form should inform the division between strumenti and actual procedures.  I am still not clear about servicio.
  2014-01-17 Consider what to do about having mapped to my Office 365 account.  I need a different place to account for the development of that site though. Would I use for that purpose.  Or is it something that can/should be handled as a higher-level part of nfoCentrale?
  2014-01-15 index.html: Perhaps build from a document-engineering folio, provide more attribution to A2 Hosting.  Perhaps that goes on index.htm/default.htm too.
  2014-01-15 eoWare: Do something about eoWare site to make something that is referenced and has a meaningful placeholder.  This is in a bootstrap stage, even preceding any kind of hard hat era.
  2014-01-15 default.htm: Source in a document-engineering folder, under construction material, I think
  2014-01-14 bingsiteauth.xml: Add robots.txt also?  This is cause for another procedure.  Also, make sure that the links to the nfoCentrale federated sites are absolute and not relative, so that search robots do not attempt to go deeper in the domain.
  2014-01-14 I need to be clear about construction material (which includes construction procedures), services (servizi, which also means jobs), and strumenti which are about tools/instruments.  I am not clear, at this point, whether serverzi are needed, but maybe so.  This is a performance architecture question tool.  I might have to look at how such would be modeled to determine the proper conceptual separation.
  2014-01-14 construction.htm: Reflect completion of strumenti repaving
  2014-01-14 construction.htm: Reflect completion of status repaving
  2014-01-14 construction.htm: Reflect completion of construction repaving
  2014-01-14 The repaving of A2Anchor and the global connection with repaving of the family of nfoCentrale sites needs to be handled more carefully.  Review this to ensure there is a handy way of knowing what's what and where to go to the next level of detail, how to come back and synchronize at the global level too.
  2014-01-14 The generic styles and formats for folios and document engineering need to be brought to this site too.  There needs to be some coordination with TROSTing about the patterns and pattern language of all of these aspects.   Here there needs to be some versioning of the styles so that one can synchronize (or not) with the various scattered repaving projects that have been hung out for years.
  2014-01-14 The generic styles and formats for Construction Structure and its templates need to be brought to this site
  2014-01-14 The generic procedure for Cluster Maps needs to be brought to this anchor site
  2014-01-14 The generic procedure for Creative Commons Licenses needs to be brought to this anchor site, along with how-to material on attribution.  This is a TROSTing coordination act too.  A key is the principle of individuals knowing how easy it is to know they have complied with the license and that what is permitted to do short of "passing-off" in any manner.  [dh:2014-04-12 It is agreed.  The license to be employed is Creative Commons Attribution Internation 4.0 and all usage will be coordinated from here.
  2013-11-29 There needs to be a procedure for (hence under construction) for the use of .htaccess and for the solutions for very specific situations, such as redirecting/rewriting to clean up case sensitivity introduction where it had been different under earlier versions of a site's content.
  2013-11-29 Manage the promulgation of repaving and its completion in a way that makes it entirely clear when repaving notices can be updated as completion works bottom up.  Use the practice being smoothed out for The Miser Project.
  2013-10-26 Track the actual completion of repaving projects on the anchored sites.  Figure out where that is done best.  Probably right here.
  2013-10-22 Most processes are documented in construction materials folders.  It may not be necessary to have anything else beyond strumenti.  If there is, a separate notes sub-folder should do the job.
in progress 2013-10-22 Complete repaving of strumenti/
in progress 2013-10-22 Complete repaving of status/
in progress 2013-10-22 Complete repaving of construction/
  2013-10-21 #71.19 Update the web-deployment diagram to reflect the retirement of compagno and replacement with quadro.    See #71.20 facing.
  2013-10-21 #71.53 Figure out the strumenti and servizio cases for capturing blogged material that works better in notes.  Create procedures or just notes or some mix of all the above?
in progress
2013-08-23 Correct check-outs on Compagno that need to be check-outs to Quadro now.  These will show as already-checked out here.  When I find one, I may need to fix it.  This runs across all sites: A2Anchor, DMA, DMware, eoWare, millennia-antica, miser, nfoWare, nfoWorks, NuovoDoc, ODMA, ODMdev, orcmid, orcmidApache (when populated), and TROST.  Percolate this consideration to those sites.
in progress
2011-11-12 Add Repaving Projects to All nfoCentrrale-anchored sites and ensure that the repaving is established at each: It will be more painful at some than others:,,,,,,,,,, Orcmid's Lair,,
  2010-07-05 Recover the history of nfoCentrale and InfoNuovo sites, converged to the current site. [see 2010-05-06 work item on this also.]
  2010-05-21 Web Deployment Model: Include the Blogger exports of the blogs in their archive folders: millennia-antica, miser, nfoWorks, orcmid.
  2010-05-21 Web Deployment Model: I wonder how it would work to put the diagram on a web page or even a drill-down PowerPoint.
  2010-05-21 Web Deployment Model: Annotate the spreadsheet table with comments explaining what the deal is. 
  2010-05-21 Web Deployment Model: Add surrounding services and the different computer sites into the structure of the diagram.
  2010-05-21 Bring ClustrMap to this anchor and the status blog (using
  2010-05-06 We want to somehow build a history starting with InfoNuovo, then, then  We may pile this all up on $/A2nfoCentrale and the A2nfoCentrale subweb.  Then this A2Anchor and its $/A2Anchor might be able to go away.  Don't think too hard about this just yet, just avoid breaking anything that will prevent doing this. [dh:2010-08-19 I added enough categories under centrale and sites to be able to manage this.  This can be useful in the creation of the historical perspective.]
  2009-02-01 We also need a folio for the default page and the nfocentrale.htm page.  [dh:2014-01-15 See 2006-08-31 work items also.]
  2009-02-01 The front porch needs to be updated the most.  In particular, we need a banner on "What Happened to InfoNuovo?"
  2009-02-01 Create a project about the migration of the development server to IIS 6 on WHS, if possible.
  2007-08-04 Review the items below for infoNuovo "repaving" that should not be here.  They go to the anchor site page.
  2006-08-31 Use a construction article to provide an infonuovo.htm page too.
  2006-08-31 Use a construction article to provide the nfocentrale.htm content by include page.
  2006-08-31 Clean out the images directory, so that we do not carry any excess baggage.  This means that we normally keep the -thumb versions and trash anything else.  Do this slowly but firmly.  For images that may be needed in support of ODMA and DMA, move those images to the appropriate subwebs first.
  2006-08-31 Because it is our intention to move all hosting to the same hosting account that has, this anchor site will become the full-up dual anchor site.  Its content will evolve to the converged version.  Some pages will be brought here, but with non-conflicting names.  They will then be stitched in and the content and domain moved.  [dh:2011-11-12 Events have overtaken this plan.  There is now consolidation on, the A2 Hosting web site that has all of the other domains as add-ons.  The desire is the same, the details have changed.]
in progress
2006-08-31 Update the construction section to have a standard template and hierarchical article page.  The trials and tribulations of  life as an anchor site will be laid out here.  Do this first.
  2006-01-21 Siphon completed items to an archive page so this page is not so unwieldy.
  2006-01-21 Create privacy, status, and contact links on the front page
  2006-01-21 Add Projects to the front page [dh:2010-05-13 Not sure I want to do that, but there is definitely need for some kind of notes.  I will attempt to do it all as part of construction for now, since everything here is essentially about either history and the construction of nfoCentrale sites.]
  2006-01-21 Add contact information to the front page
  2006-01-13 A bigger deal is how the web pages all work when mirrored on anything but a web server.
  2006-01-13 A big deal here is going to be how the pieces can be used separately, updated into someone's mirror, and so on with great selectivity. 
  2005-10-11 The FAQtip on how all of this stuff gets named should be given priority and gotten done.
  2005-10-11 Also make sure there are no-follows in the bottom of everything in the templates.
done 2015-03-06 Create initial construction zone to master the continuing setup on quadro/worthiness.
done 2015-03-06 Branch the A2Anchor worthiness content to quadro/worthiness and set up construction there.
done 2015-03-06 Setup WorthinessCompagno (on Quadro) for naming consistency and provide prep and staging at http://quadro/worthiness separate from http://quadro/A2Anchor/worthiness although the new one will replace the one under the anchor and sync by mirroring in A2sites.  Establish VSS mapping on http://quadro/worthiness.
2015-03-03 Establish trust @ as an email at this site
2015-03-03 Restore to as an add-on domain.
2014-05-20 Get working on the Exchange server so I can create a account with that e-mail address.
2014-05-20 Serve Office365 exchange and sharepoint as
done 2014-05-20 Complete proof that I have control of to satisfy Office365.
done 2014-05-20 worthiness/index.htm: update the TOC to be complete.
done 2014-05-20 worthiness/index.htm: set styles or re-use for the default page.  This may be design time? [dh:2014-05-20 Yes, it fills it in so it defaults to value in the <body> tag other than the stylesrc.]
done 2014-05-20 worthiness/default.htm: fix text and also set styles. 
done 2014-05-18 worthiness: Add cgi-bin folder and see what this has to do with the add-on domain not propogating
done 2014-05-18 worthiness: Add trostsymbol-large.jpg to the default.htm page
done 2014-05-18 nfocentrale.htm correct link to
done 2014-05-18 worthiness/index.htm correct to list the repaving insert and the default.htm
2014-05-16 Create worthiness/default.htm to account for the connection to the Office 365 site, once the domain setup is completed.
done 2014-05-17 worthiness/index.htm Fix the repaving notice to work from within the subdomain.
done 2014-05-16 Account for in nfocentrale.htm.
done 2014-05-16 Stitch worthiness/ into the nfoCentrale Construction Structure.  It has no Construction Zone of its own.
done 2014-05-16 worthiness/index.htm Change all global URL references to absolute URLs so that they work regardless of the context.
done 2014-05-16 worthiness/index.htm Bring the images directly to subfolders, by sharing in VSS: the thumbnail and the construction image.
done 2014-05-16 worthiness/index.htm Complete worthiness/ so that it is correct as a standalone add-on site.  This site is not going to be on this server, but as it should still operate properly. 
done 2014-04-12 Create keybase.txt on the front porch for confirming that the holder of is an administrator of the site
2014-01-15 After case-sensitivity cleanup, there may be broken references to some images.  Watch for that somehow: default.htm, nfocentrale.htm, index.htm
done 2014-01-15 On the case sensitivity cleanup: Branch all capitalized Compagno files, delete the same files in the image, rename on the development site, then save back to the hosted-site mirror.  Then clean publicca for all of that, re-get latest and do a clean update of the hosted-site.  construction/templates/00/, images/
2014-01-14 Case Sensitivity: Review A2Anchor for correct case-sensitive filenames and URI references.
2013-11-29 Review the Anchor site for case-sensitivity defects. [dh:2014-01-15 Get this done so that a clean update can be made and then all development based on it.]
2014-01-14 Repaving: Review the front porch and and next-levels down to update for conformance to the latest flavor of styles and format.  I may revert the repaving status of some Construction Structure/Zone pages.  Here: c000000.htm, construction.htm, default.htm, index.htm, index.html, nfocentrale.htm
done 2014-01-15 index.htm: Make subordinate structure by reference to added domains, not the nfoCentrale-local folders
done 2013-10-22 Review the Repaving: _private, _cgi-bin, images, mt-static
done 2013-10-22 Review default.htm, nfocentrale.htm, and index.html for repaving consistency
not done
2006-08-31 Add an anchor.htm page and make infonuovo.htm a page that links to it.  (Don't have it redirect.  There will be an nfocentrale.htm page too.  They can cross-reference each other.)  [dh:2013-10-22 This is not the drill with anchor sites any longer.  There are no uplinks.
not done
2006-08-31 Use "/" as the anchor location.  This will be the basis for referring to the anchor site generically: c000000,  [dh:2013-10-22 This is superfluous.  There might be interesting developments around the anchor notion, but there is no relative uplinking and no need to give it a location relative to anything.]
2006-08-31 Come up with a logo for the anchor site.  We can solve this when we have a template in place.  [dh:2013-10-22 Don't know when this happened.  The nfoCentrale log is fine.]
done 2013-10-05 strumenti: Migrate the orcmid's lair strumenti folder to here.
done 2013-10-05 strumenti: Create a strumenti structure here.  It will be like a notes structure, with S files.
done 2012-06-30 Include in the set of anchored sites.  index.htm, nfoCentrale.htm,
2010-07-31 construction.htm Complete repaving of the construction zones to be complete so this level can be tied off.  [dh:2010-08-22 I think this only requires going green in construction/construction.htm.  I should also set green in status/construction.htm, unless I require the structure to be green too.  Maybe I do.]
2010-07-31 index.htm Tie into construction zone here.
2010-07-05 index.htm Tie into the construction structure of the anchored sites, preferably with repaving initiated at each one, as needed.
2010-07-05 index.htm Complete subordinate structure as those folders are given construction structure
2010-05-06 Customize and hook up the construction Zone at the front porch to be working properly.
2010-05-12 construction/ transfer repaving activities and management to the Construction Materials folder and get back to front-porch work here.
2010-05-21 create a folder on the Web Development and Deployment and the diagram that I am using now?
2010-05-30 Move items here that are about the blog specifically to status/c000000.htm
done 2010-07-05 Customize the construction.htm to honor the repaved structure. 
done 2010-07-05 Correct Construction Zone titles for nfoCentrale and not OdmDev: construction.htm and c000000.htm.
2010-05-06 Make sure that having an index.htm at mt-static/ does not cause a problem.  See which rules.  [dh:2010-5-21 The index.htm rules when there is web access to any pages where Movable Type has created an index.html, although a default.htm will pre-empt index.htm.  I will post some material to make sure that posting is not interfered with.  Then I will also create a second blog to see that there is still no difficulty with Movable Type finding mt-static.]
done 2010-05-06 We want to create an $/A2nfoCentrale project and an A2nfoCentrale subweb that will ultimately replace A2Anchor and also share to $/A2nfoCentrale which will share to $/A2HostingWeb and also have publicca/A2nfoCentrale as a working folder.  This working folder will help us synchronize just the anchor on its own.  $/A2HostingAccount will still have only those things that can't/shouldn't be shared with the development web, such as the full cgi-bin/, the various .http files, etc. [dh:2010-05-21 This was accomplished by creating $/A2nfoCentrale to map with $/A2AnchorCompagno, and create a complete nfoCentrale development and deployment model that I could use to figure this out.]
2010-05-06 Share with the hosted site image and bring back the top of the hosted site too.
done 2010-05-21 Publish $/A2nfoCentrale and bring back status folder.
done 2010-05-21 Web Deployment Model: Synchronize $/A2HostingWeb with A2sites mirror, setting working location and ensuring there is no extraneous material
done 2010-05-21 Web Deployment Model: Synchronize $/A2nfoCentrale with mirror.  Map Working Location
done 2010-05-21 Web Deployment Model: Create and synchronize A2Apache with the mirror content.  Map Working Location.
done 2010-05-21 Web Deployment Model: Move the home material to $/A2orcmid so that it is handled separately as part of support for console access to the server account.  Make sure it is deleted elsewhere in A2hosting.  Map Working Location.
done 2010-05-21 Web Deployment Model: Move cgi-bin and mt-static to A2Apache with everything but construction structure
done 2010-05-21 Web Deployment Model: Clear $/A2HostingWeb portions that are now handled in $/A2nfoCentrale
done 2010-05-21 Web-Deployment Model: Keep only the nfoCentrale content and construction structure of A2Apache public_html top level (including  _private, cg-bin and mt-static) here.
2010-05-06 Create mt-static/ for tying into Movable Type on the A2 hosting web
2009-02-01 Create a Repaving Project for the Anchor Site.  This gets repaved just like anything else.
2010-05-06 Create status/ as a place to backup the nfoCentrale/status/ blog and its construction structure and supporting materials
2010-05-06 construction/2010/05/c100501: This level is all boilerplate.  It needs a repaving folder to manage its customization.  Borrow this and the construction path from some other site's already repaved or under repaving structure.  Hook it up.
2010-05-06 Create construction/2010/05/ folders for what we are going to need here.
2010-05-06 Fix enough templates so we get good Include Pages, at least: c000003b, c000003d, c000004b, c000004d, c000005b, c000005d
done 2009-02-01 Add the A2 Hosting badge if there is not one. [dh:2010-07-05 It was added to the customized default page on 2006-10-05]
done 2006-10-04 Start a construction zone here for supporting the creation of the new anchor site backplane structure.  There is much customization needed before we have a rational structure here. 
Revision History:
0.01 2014-01-14-12:16 Resuscitate
Review for consolidation of common construction procedures and also completion of the repaving for the anchor site.
0.00 2006-10-05-20:27 Initiation of Diary & Notes
This material is cloned from ODMdev in a hurry.  There needs to be a proper construction zone and customization of everything else as part of the anchor site structure.

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