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Construction Structure


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Superior Structure: [none]
Local Infrastructure:   construction.htm  Construction Zone
         index.htm nfoCentrale Construction Structure (this page)
       c000000.htm  Construction Zone Diary and Job Jar
Immediate Content:        default.htm  Site Entrance Home Page
   nfocentrale.htm  Brief "About nfoCentrale" Page
                 index.html  placeholder home page from the hosting-service
Subordinate Structure:          _private/  (reserved)
          cgi-bin/  (reserved)
  Construction Material
           images/  Site-Wide Images
        mt-static/  (reserved) Movable Type "Static" Material
           status/  nfoCentrale Status (blog)
        strumenti/  Material on Instruments of the nfoCentrale complex
              dma/  Document Management Alliance Tech Info Site
           dmware/  AIIM DMware Document Management Interoperability Exchange
           eoware/  eoWare Development Site
 millennia-antica/  Millennia Antica Pottery Site
            miser/  Miser Project Information Site
          nfoWare/  nfoWare Information-Processing Technologies Site
         nfoWorks/  nfoWorks Document Interoperability Technology Site
         NuovoDoc/  NuovoDoc Document System Interoperability consultancy
             ODMA/  ODMA Open Document Management API Interoperability Exchange
           orcmid/  Orcmid's Lair
            trost/  TROSTing: Open-System Trustworthiness Site
       worthiness/  Worthiness Site [tombstone]


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nfoCentrale Is Being Repaved.

The Construction Structure and Content of this site is being repaved by customization of material scavenged from other nfoCentrale sites and the systematic upgrade of the style of this site.

Check the Repaving Project pages for additional details on the approach and its tracking.  Contact the nfoCentrale technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.




You're at the root of the nfoCentrale web site, the single anchor for the nfoCentrale webs.  This top level is referred to as the front porch of the anchor.  Everything else is reachable by entry through the front porch (e.g., by browser navigation or by use of a URL that specifies a path below here). 

1. Construction Structure
2. Front-Porch Materials
3. Site Infrastructure
4. Content Sections

5. Anchored Sites

1. Construction Structure

The construction structure is the scaffolding of connected folders that is the framework on which content is developed and maintained.  During early development, navigation to content may be primarily via the construction structure.  Later, more-polished organizations will be overlaid.  The scaffolding never goes away, although it fades into the background.

2. Front-Porch Materials

The root folder carries some individual pages that anchor the construction structure and provide an entrance for navigation into the site over the Internet.

is the polished, professional-appearance entrance to the site.  When present, it is the home page.  It always has enough provisional content so the site can be found and preliminary materials examined.  As the site is stabilized, the front page is updated accordingly.
is this construction-structure page.  It is also the default home page in the absence of a default page.
is the Construction Zone at the front porch.  It is the top-level construction zone of the entire site.  Additional pages may be accessed from that page.
is a summary of the nature and purpose of nfoCentrale.  It serves as a classier "about" page than this index.htm.  It is linked from default.htm.

3. Site Infrastructure

These folders exist to support the creation and use of site content.  They are part of the construction.

is a reserved folder for working data that is sometimes created by applications of the web site.  The common usage is for data captured from forms.  This folder and the images/ folder are automatically included in every site that is built using Microsoft FrontPage extensions.
is a reserved folder for server-side utilities that are operated on behalf of web pages.  This folder is restricted to use by the Apache server that implements nfoCentrale.
is a reserved folder maintained as part of the Movable Type software configuration that manages blog publishing on nfoCentrale sites.
is the Construction Materials section of the site, providing materials and reference information about the construction of the site.  The material is about the plumbing and the "how it's done" of the sites.  It includes templates that are used in the presentation of content throughout the site.  This material is preserved and maintained as part of the site itself.  There are consistent, reused patterns in the construction of nfoCentrale member sites.  Such information is consolidated here to avoid redundancy.
is the folder that is used by convention for images that are referred to by pages throughout the site.  Not all images are kept in this folder, but those that have general use on content pages are carried here.

4. Content Sections

Additional folders deliver content that is part of the local sub-structure of nfoCentrale:

is the folder that houses the nfoCentrale Status blog materials.  This blog provides status, development, and background information on behalf of all of nfoCentrale.
is the folder that houses information about instruments of the nfoCentrale complex.

5. Anchored Sites

There are a number of anchored sites that are hosted in subfolders of the nfoCentrale web site.  The anchored sites have their own domain names and construction structure.  Entering any of the anchoring subfolders automatically switches to the anchored-site domain and content.  All of the anchored sites also appear as subdomains of the anchor site and their hosted material, or tombstones thereof, can be found by their subdomain (e.g., <>).  The use of bookmarks and deep linking into the subdomains is not recommended, because the subdomains are not guaranteed to be preserved as the current content of a (formerly) anchored site.

This construction structure page is part of the engineering, construction management, maintenance, and infrastructure for nfoCentrale.  You are welcome to explore this and other construction-information pages.   You'll need your hard hat and safety shoes.

Construction Zone (Hard Hat Area)

You are navigating Construction Structure
of nfoCentrale, the anchor site.

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