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Superior Structure: none
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       index.htm NuovoDoc Construction Structure (this page)
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     contact.htm  Contact Information
     keybase.txt  claim of site ownership
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construction/ Construction Material
      images/ standard images directory
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NuovoDoc Is Being Repaved.

The NuovoDoc site is being repaved to correct problems resulting from movement to a new web server.   At the same time, the site is being adjusted to use the latest styles and formats that are applicable to this and other sites of the family.

Check the Site Repaving Project pages for additional details on the approach to repaving and its tracking.  Contact the technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


You're at the foyer and root Construction-Structure of the NuovoDoc site.  The foyer provides overall entrance material.  It is the root of the content of the site and the anchor of the construction structure on which the content is maintained.

All NuovoDoc content is reachable from this foyer (i.e., by browser entry and navigation at the foyer or by use of a URL that specifies a path into the site). 

The construction structure is the scaffolding of connected folders that serves as the framework for content development and maintenance.  The construction structure is carried in index.htm pages like this one.  The foyer (the root) and each subfolder have an index.htm page for that purpose.  During early stages of site development, navigation to content might be primarily via the construction structure.  As more-polished organizations are developed, they will be grafted atop the construction structure.  The scaffolding is never removed, it merely fades into the background.

This page formerly was a substitute home page.  It was designed to carry provisional answers to some useful questions.  Those questions are preserved here until they are accounted for elsewhere:

This web page is part of the engineering, construction-management, maintenance, and infrastructure of the NuovoDoc site.  You are welcome to explore this and other construction-structure pages.   You'll need your hard hat and safety shoes.

When this content is published on a web site or mirrored on a CD-ROM or local hard drive, these construction-structure pages provide the basic scaffolding.  That scaffolding supports browser navigation and orientation in the material.  These index pages link the folder structure together and connect to additional construction information and site content as appropriate.

It is a policy for all nfoCentrale sites that the only access to content be by navigation of links.  There are no web-site folders for which the content is directly exposed to public access in the manner of a file-system directory.  As part of the construction structure, every folder has an index page, and that page serves to implement this policy as well as establish the site scaffolding.

Revision History:
0.01 2008-07-19-14:12 Adjust to Repaving Style
The latest style is introduced, along with the construction-structure grid table for reflecting the connections to the other elements of the construction structure as the repaving waves move through all material.
0.00 2001-06-01-23:40 Initial Placeholder
A basic index.htm is provided as a placeholder.  The content was derived using an existing site as boilerplate.

Construction Zone (Hard Hat Area)

You are navigating the NuovoDoc construction structure.

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