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  2013-10-05 strumenti/construction: The setup of backup and recovery of development operations and content management all goes into strumenti and construction.  There's a cross-over here and also a bit in nfoWare/Works.
  2013-10-05 strumenti: The use of VSS needs to be dealt with.  This is clearly a strumenti issue.  It is also a centrale issue, in that it involves local operation.  There is a cross-over.  The only developed strumenti pages are in a folder on Orcmid's Lair.  I think those move here.  I don't know if it needs a Centrale folder or not. 
  2013-10-04 strumenti: Something similar is needed with regard to handling of Movable Type and any subsequent replacement of blogging engines.  There are some interesting requirements that could also be catalogued.  I don't think I need a strumenti folder, but maybe that's not really true.  There are relevant blog categories, so I don't know why there wouldn't be folios too.  Perhaps that is all simply under Construction and there is no need for finer organization?  Consider.
  2013-10-04 strumenti/construction: The Web Development process on Centrale needs to be accounted for here, so that there is a public backup location and also procedures for the continued operation and recovery.  The reliance on VXP1 and Quadro and WHS needs to be accounted for.  Having Publicca available in more than one place is also a factor.  Although this is about Centrale, I want a web-accessible place with all of the information, and this appears to be the place.
  2013-10-05 s040901: Customize and update for historical purposes.
  2013-10-05 There is a tension between construction material and strumenti.  There is also a tension beween strumenti and funzione/operazione.  
  2004-12-13 The other population needs to be for provision of those tools used in the development of, ODMref 1.0, and my MSC-DS project.  Work through this in progression.
  2004-12-13 The initial population needs to be for provision of those tools used in the development of Peano Numerals.  Take the inventory of tools that is identified in the ALPHA materials and add at least placeholders for that here.
  2004-09-03 For connectivity, don't forget the ISP, the connection path, and MSN client/services versions. [dh:2004-09-03 Some of this goes into Centrale, but there might be something here that situates that among gli strumenti.]
  2004-09-03 Describe choice of "strumenti."
done 2013-10-05 Migrate this material to the nfoCentrale anchor site.
not done
2004-09-03 Create one for Norton Antivirus 2004 also, and how it is interfered with by ZAPro 5.0.
not done
2004-09-03 Create one of these for ZoneAlarm Pro so I can ground details of some of the phishing forensics
done 2013-10-05 Add strumenti/ to the front-porch construction structure.
done 2013-10-05 Move the s040901 folio into its own subfolder
done 2004-09-03 Build enough of S040901 to make a placeholder for what I will have to say about Microsoft Media Player 10.
done 2004-09-03 Create initial job jar and log for the new structure. 
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