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Construction Structure



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Superior Structure: nfoCentrale Construction Structure
nfoCentrale Construction Zone
Local Infrastructure:               index.htm worthiness/ Construction Structure (this page)
Immediate Content:             default.htm worthiness/ Home page
          c100501c4.htm Local Repaving Status Notice
      hardhat-thumb.gif Construction Hard Hat Area Symbol
  nfocentrale-thumb.gif nfoCentrale Title Thumbnail Image
  trostsymbol-large.jpg TROSTing Trust Symbol Image

Subordinate Structure: [none]


This material conforms to the
2010-05-12 styles for Site Repaving.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach and the styles. 
Contact the nfoCentrale technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


You're at the nfoCentrale worthiness/ web site.  This version is a place-holder for worthiness.org as an add-on web site.  Worthiness was originally not hosted under the nfoCentrale anchor site.  A tombstone was kept there as part of the provisioning and setup of a worthiness.org DNS and then mapping to the location on Office365 that is where the mail and web pages were served from.  Now worthiness.org is revived under the nfoCentrale anchor site..

This web page is part of the engineering, construction-management, maintenance, and infrastructure of the Worthiness site.  You are welcome to explore this and other construction-structure pages.   You'll need your hard hat and safety shoes.

Construction Zone (Hard Hat Area) You are navigating the bootstrapping of Construction Structure
for the worthiness site.

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