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nfoCentrale Is Being Repaved.

The Construction Structure and Content of this site is being repaved by customization of material scavenged from other nfoCentrale sites and the systematic upgrade of the style of this site.

Check the Repaving Project pages for additional details on the approach and its tracking.  Contact the nfoCentrale technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


  2014-01-18 I need to explain the site-server model and present the web deployment model in that context.  I think the model for publication was more generic that the wikipedia description.  There is some historical information on MSDN online.WHAT ABOUT Site Builder?  The Microsoft page is gone.  I still have the Site Builder Workshop (Fall 1996) CD and #1 - #4 of the Site Builder Network web snapshot CDs.  I need to look into those.  I think that is the correct name.  I must revise my nomenclature.  This has to do with Site Builder and integration with VSS as a way to manage development and deployment.
  2014-01-17 Although I don't intend significant use of the Office 365 Small Business Premium sites, these do provide alternative locations and services that may well be valuable in the case of an outage on A2 Hosting.  I need to look at these as prospects for mutual backup.  The two different SkyDrive services are also interesting in that regard.
  2013-11-29 The NuovoDoc "Technical Coordinator" and other commonly-referenced pages need to be repaved over there and also made very current SOON.  [dh:2014-01-17 Consider providing the Technical Coordinator information here, rather than as part of NuovoDoc.]
  2013-11-29 With attribution requirements in place, it may be necessary to be careful about stable versions and what is stable in versions of pages.  I need a clean policy on how the page-version variations are handled, so that compliance with attribution finds the substantially equivalent material as part of provenance and accountability.  THIS MUST BE ENTIRELY CLEAN-CUT
  2013-11-29 Consider consolidation of the Creative Commons By License material here, with appropriate adjusted use by anchored sites.  This will require experimentation with include pages across different design-time location.  That may require absolute URIs in such material.  This would allow handy reuse and global updating.  Consider going to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.) license: deed and full license.  Also switch to the nicer logo and provide consistent means for determination of appropriate attributions.  (See 2013-10-26 below.)
  2013-10-26 Create management for the movement of reference materials, especially around blog development and web site development to folios here.
  2013-10-26 Bring the Creative Commons licensing material here for shared use among all anchor sites.  There will be some tricky business about possibly using include pages across subwebs (or not). (See subsequent 2013-11-29 work item.)
in progress 2013-10-26 Complete templates/00/ content repaving: c000003, c000004, c000005 [dh:2014-01-17 There is material in the Miser Project that should be moved here to have a consolidated treatment.]
in progress 2013-10-26 Complete structure repaving on templates c000003, c000004, c000005
in progress 2013-10-26 Complete repaving of c100501 (repaving project) itself.
  2013-10-26 There needs to be a folio on the use of the anchor site as boilerplate for creation of a subsite, whether anchored or separate.  It is much easier to delete material and customize the rest, methinks.  Some common practices and patterns can be captured here, although many will also fit into TROST patterns and be co-developed there, just as for security-and-integrity related topics.
  2013-10-26 I am thinking that funzioni might simply be handled in construction folios and perhaps a notes folio, not necessarily funzioni.
  2013-10-05 Many work items here are perhaps relevant to strumenti-funziioni and some of the status work that has been done.
  2013-10-05 Document the construction-strumenti-funzioni dance somewhere.
  2013-10-05 See what else is needed to complete the repaving in this section, and where is it managed?
  2011-11-25 This is the site that should have CAYAD.  I wonder if it could show up as a wormhole in the seeking of an anchor site.  [dh:2013-10-05 I like that notion.]
  2011-11-25 The repaving of TROSTing is coughing up some  blemishes in nfoWorks materials that probably roll all the way back to here.
  2006-01-19 Scoop the completed items off into an archive page of this job jar so that there is less baggage.
  2006-01-19 Update the c000003, c000004, and c000005 to account for the license notice template element, although not every site and sub-site has one.
  2006-01-15 The c000003 to c000005 template descriptions are really ugly.  We need to rescue some of this into a construction note that provides the document engineering for these templates and simplifies the description.  This should make it easier to keep template versions, too.
  2006-01-14 What do we do to account for an anchor site dependency?  [dh:2006-01-20 Make the page that we need.  The only dependency should be from the front porch Construction Zone page.  Everything else should converge on that Construction Zone.]
  2005-11-04 It is appropriate to discuss the anchor-page approach, the use of internal relative links, etc.  This is also a pattern.
  2005-11-04 Warning: When files are automatically adjusted in a standalone FrontPage folder set, there is no synchronization with VSS.  That is why the entire VSS tree must be checked out when working with an off-line FrontPage web located in the file system (e.g., when taken traveling on a laptop).
  2005-11-04 Document the Renaming, check-out game to get everything updated everywhere it is supposed to happen.
  2005-11-04 Document: The table clean-up involves replacing style attributes with bgcolor attributes. Also, extraneous <center> elements (and <div> elements that do centering) can be removed.
  2005-11-04 Document the use of table elements and the FrontPage options by which <div> elements and other automatic features are avoided.
  2005-11-04 Document the use of timestamps at any update, so that it works through include pages.
  2005-11-03 Make "What's An Orcmid" in a folio on that topic, including its latest page into orcmid.htm.
  2005-11-03 Every folder always has an index.htm page as part of the mandatory scaffolding.  That means when a web folder is mirrored off-line, that is the only page we can explicitly refer to as the home page of a folder.  (At the top I suppose there might be readme.htm also.)  I need to document this practice and figure out how we can do otherwise with only client-side functionality and no assurance that scripting is available.  I am curious about the possible use of HTA here, and also the prospect of sites being recorded on a CD-ROM with Autoplay enabled.
  2005-11-03 Document the mass working between VSS and FrontPage and another VSS for (1) making sure that local changes in FrontPage are checked in and out of the local VSS properly and (2) synchronization with the "public" VSS is also handled properly, especially when going mobile and returning.  [dh:2005-11-03: There may be important use of FrontPage File | Import ... also.  This may be the way to get the material into another site.   I need to verify what happens when a page already exists, but is checked out.]
  2005-11-03 The rel="nofollow" anchor tag attribute should be used on all interior construction links and links to the hosted sites from these materials.  We do not want these pages to show up as prominent link sources.  Enforce systematically during the building of  /construction and the other pages of sites.
  2005-11-03 Introduce the practice of every construction zone having a c000003c.htm that works as an include page.  This will always have the relative material work out properly.  The default include page will link to the construction-section as the nearest construction zone.
  2005-11-02 Document the creation of VSS Admin options for the development web folder.  This is Options | Web Projects as well as other settings. 
  2005-11-02 The use of import is important.  It allows the FrontPage extensions to note all links and dependencies and record the presence of the material in an appropriate way.
  2005-11-02 For the internal FrontPage extensions of FrontPage 2003 to work, the permissions on the local "web" folder need to be set so that authors can modify the files and directories.
  2005-11-02 Options for authoring in FrontPage are set for client-side JScript as the most invasive.   To provide local mirroring, maybe even that must be avoided.  This is a how-to-use as well as how-to-construct.  Might be in Cyymmnn and Dyymmnn folios, for the separate purposes.
  2005-11-02 Document FrontPage for editing text, HTML, ECMAscript, XML, and XSLT files.
done 2013-10-26 Review this construction/ level content for conformance to the latest thinking about Construction Structure, style and format.
done 2013-10-05 Clean up construction structure links here.  This cleans up the top level.
2012-06-30 The front-porch construction structure work items on creating folios should come here, with the idea that construction material/notes be the appropriate place without any additional content.  There may also need to be a strumenti set related to technology in support of nfoCentrale and perhaps Centrale.  [dh:2013-10-05 There is a division between construction, which needs to be specifically about site construction, strumenti, which can be broader, though some how nfoCentrale-complex related, and funzioni about functions related to the complex.  There are still sites that might have specialized strumenti, funzioni, and tools sections.]
2010-07-05 Introduce repaved construction structure throughout the templates and construction/2010 sub-folders
2010-07-05 Update the catalog and customize for nfoCentrale
2010-07-05 Review all incomplete items dated before 2006-10-05 and see which ones can be retained for nfoCentrale
2010-07-05 Customize this page and Construction Zone for, not ODMdev where we got it.
2010-07-05 Complete customization of the construction.htm here
2010-07-05 Complete customization of index.htm on the front porch [sufficient for construction-structure purposes and any further customization can be done under the construction structure there].
done 2010-07-31 Correct repaving of mt-static/index.htm.
2010-05-13 _private/index.htm needs to be repaved
2010-05-13 cgi-bin/index.htm needs to be repaved
done 2006-10-05 Make hasty boilerplate from an ODFdev Construction Materials folder.
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The page is reviewed and customization for nfoCentrale completed.  Further Construction Materials repaving and customization will be guided from here.
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Pages from ODMdev were used to quickly create a Construction Materials construction structure and Construction Zone.

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