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Superior Structure: nfoCentrale Status Construction Structure
nfoCentrale Status Construction Zone
Local Infrastructure:        index.htm nfoCentrale status/2010 Construction Structure (this page)
Immediate Content: [none]
Subordinate Structure:           05/ blog posts for May 2010
          06/ June 2010
          07/ July 2010
          08/ August 2010
          09/ September 2010

This material conforms to the
2010-05-12 styles for Site Repaving.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach and the styles. 
Contact the nfoCentrale technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


This section holds nfoCentrale Status blog pages and related materials introduced in 2010.

For further information, refer to the blog itself.

This construction section is part of the engineering, construction management, maintenance, and infrastructure for nfoCentrale.  You are welcome to explore this and other construction-information pages.   You'll need your hard hat and safety shoes.

Construction Zone (Hard Hat Area)

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