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nfoCentrale Is Being Repaved.

The Construction Structure and Content of this site is being repaved by customization of material scavenged from other nfoCentrale sites and the systematic upgrade of the style of this site.

Check the Repaving Project pages for additional details on the approach and its tracking.  Contact the nfoCentrale technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


  2010-05-23 index.htm: Include additional structural information from Movable Type
  2010-05-23 blog about Movable Type structure at the top level?
  2010-07-04 assets_c/ complete subordinate structure to extent I want to control it [dh:2010-07-12 I might want to go all the way down, because they are backed-up and shared that way, with nothing for further ones, if any, just .zip compilations instead.]
  2010-07-04 sites/ complete next-level construction structure
  2010-07-04 web-development/ complete next-level construction structure
  2010-07-12 Add structure to 2010/05/23 through 2010/06/01 and then let it go at that?
  2010-08-23 Include 2010/05/23,27,29 and 2010/06/01 in the construction structure as an obsolete setup for images? [see 2010-07-12 above]
  2010-08-23 Take status/assets_c/ down to the 2010 and 2010/05-06 levels so I can talk about not using them in future?
  2010-10-03 centrale/conclave complete next-level construction structure
  2010-10-03 centrale/microcomputers/ complete next-level construction structure
  2012-04-18 In the documentation of the status/images annualization, point out that the annual folder set at the time a post occurs gets the images, and retroactive posts will move images into more-recent image folders.
  2011-06-11 Add 2010/10-/12 also.  Have lots of catching up to do.
  2011-06-11 Add 2011/02, /03 and /06 (anticipating).
  2010-08-23 Verify the substructure under status/2011/01/ reflected in the index.htm there.
  2010-08-23 Capture the Movable Type way of handling assets and how we are not going to employ that, nor pages
  2010-08-23 Post to the blog about annualizing images if I haven't already
  2010-08-23 Document the handling of images better and show the archiving
  2010-08-23 Create procedure to advance the images subdirectory on each roll-over into a new year
  2010-08-23 Do a post about what is under each top-level category (also posted to its emeritus category) that captures the directory locations, not the categories so much, so that the post will continue to capture those even if some of the categories are retired.
in progress 2010-08-22 Perform the repairs noted as part of an audit of the updating completed today.  See #65.94
  2010-05-30 Obtain the additional actions from Spanner Wingnut and perform them here also, except there is no old archive.
  2010-05-30 Add further Construction Structure for materials
  2010-05-23 blog: document the MT structure so I know how to do more of it.
  2010-05-21 Post more about the LAN to show the new drive, the back-up, and the ninja-cat security model.
  2010-05-21 Post about the testing of the Movable Type setup to make sure comingling it is no problem.
  2010-05-21 Post about the deployment and the need to have a physical existence for the arrangement so that I could follow it and not attempt to hold it in my head.
in progress
2010-05-21 status blogs - add construction structure for the category folders: new ecostructure/ and strumenti/, subcategories for all
  2010-05-12 After template customization confirmed for Spanner Wingnut, bring that back to this one.  [dh:2010-07-05 I am not going to change the customization here completely, or maybe I am.  Hmm, yes, maybe I am.  I do want the top and bottom blocks and might as well clean up the sidebar in the same way.  A challenge will be with regard to the backgrounds and templates, but that has to be figured out for all of the blogs anyhow.]
  2010-05-12 Create construction material folio on the operation of the blog
in progress
2010-05-12 Propagate construction structure through all levels 2007/ 2010/09? 2010/10, 2010/11, 2010/12, all 2011, 2012
done 2013-08-23 Check-out/-in to correct for migration from Compagno to Quadro for the Web Development Server
2011-06-11 Add 2007/08, /09, /11 to deal with retroactive postings from Live Hideout.  The images are still being added to 2011 though.
2010-05-12 Update construction structure to reflect the additional content at the top level
2012-02-18 After the site is updated, update LiveWriter to use 2012/images from now on.
done 2012-02-18 Add images/2012/ as preparation as well
done 2012-02-18 Add 2012/02 and get started without being behind for 2012 also
done 2011-01-22 Add status/2011 folder, 2011/01/ folder, and their construction structure for new posts
done 2011-01-22 Add status/images/2011 folder and construction structure
2010-07-04 centrale/ complete next-level construction structure
done 2010-10-03 blog-development/ complete next-lvel construction structure and tie it in
2010-07-04 blogs/ complete next-level construction structure
done 2010-08-28 Add a blog-development Zemanta sub-category.
2010-07-05 Reflect additional subordinate structure in index.htm
done 2010-08-23 Correct links in 2010/index.htm to go to the correct subordinate folder construction structures
done 2010-08-23 Correct links in 2010/05/index.htm, share all of the folders to the hosted-site image
done 2010-08-23 Add 2010/08 and anticipate with 2010/09, with construction structure
done 2010-08-22 Update the site and review changes so far in preparation for synchronizing the blog back to the development site
2010-07-04 2010/ complete subordinate construction structure
done 2010-07-12 2010/05/ and 2010/06/ explain the default pages and the one index.html page
done 2010-07-06 Update status, bring back images, and back them up before starting the annualized collection.
done 2010-07-06 Update status/images/index.htm to reflect the subdivision of construction structure
done 2010-07-06 Add images/2010/ subfolder to make better archiving sub-structure for WLW-uploaded images.
2010-05-12 Tie into superior construction structure and Construction Zone (the front-porch of the site)
done 2010-07-04 Add status/images/ and construction structure as place for Windows Live Writer upload of images
2010-05-23 index.htm: Setup propagation for the currently-unlinked folders there
2010-05-21 get Windows Live Writer working with this blog as the first confirmation that I can do that. [dh:2010-07-05 This did not come off so smoothly because I had trouble getting the web services password working everywhere it should.
2010-05-12 Find out how to add the new blog to Live Writer
done 2010-05-12 Synchronize to the site and confirm that construction structure does not interfere with Movable Type structures
done 2010-05-30 wlwmanifest.xml: Share the same one from Spanner Wingnut
done 2010-05-12 Share the construction structure to the hosted-site VSS image $/A2nfoCentrale
done 2010-05-12 Build construction structure for 2010/ and 2010/05/
2010-05-06 Customize the Construction Zone set up for completion via repaving
0.00 2010-05-06-19:47 Establish status/ Construction Zone Diary
Borrow a boilerplate page from nfoWorks and customize it for the nfoCentrale status/ Construction Zone

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