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2013-10-05 -09:28 -0700

Here's a running job jar of ideas and notes on the construction of the strumenti section of  Orcmid's Lair on the web.  A minimal construction zone is created here, in accordance with the overall construction practices, to provide some local focus on strumenti, for which there is some substantial work to do.  This diary may become very quiet at some point, with a shift from construction to content topics.




done 2004-09-03 So I might as well have a diary too so that I can carry on from there!
done 2004-09-03 Oops, I have to have a log page at least because the articles are going to refer to it.
  2004-09-03 Version this page so that it can have a spill into archives (and its own job jar and diary?).
done 2004-09-03 Start with Media Player configuration and figure out how to version it and also deal with the variations of installations on different platforms (centro, compagno, and libertÓ for example).  But mostly I want this to be able to refer to in my earliest reports.
  2004-09-03 Describe choice of "strumenti."
done 2004-09-03 Create enough minimal structure for strumenti to have its own construction zone in preparation for initial items and eventual catalog structure.  

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