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nfoCentrale Is Being Repaved.

The Construction Structure and Content of this site is being repaved by customization of material scavenged from other nfoCentrale sites and the systematic upgrade of the style of this site.

Check the Repaving Project pages for additional details on the approach and its tracking.  Contact the nfoCentrale technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


Welcome to nfoCentrale.  nfoCentrale is an "anchor" site for operation of a variety of distributed, collaborative projects.  Subwebs of nfoCentrale include

The construction shack that is part of proper.  This provides documentation of the organization and operation of nfoCentrale itself, including ways that aspects of operation are tested and confirmed.
The site for Millennia Antica Pottery and the work of master potter Victoria Hamilton.  This site is dormant.  The domain is retained for email purposes.
The Miser Project
Explorations in the foundations of computing, with demonstration of universal computation via a progression of increasingly-useful implementations
Document-interoperability technology site.  nfoWorks is a companion to nfoWare focused specifically on the intricacies of interoperable implementations for digital documents.  This is an early effort that is exemplary of and leading to docEng and docInterop projects on GitHub.  I also the conceit of having an ODF-based product of this name similar to the long-gone Microsoft Works.
Orcmid's Lair
Orcmid's playground for family connections, pastimes and scholarly vocation

A number of previous domains, and the sites that implemented them, have been retired.  Those sites were all authored and hosted on subdomains of  They remain here for preservation and historical purposes.
DMA (preservation)
retired site ( of the Document Management Alliance repository (originally an AIIM DMware project)
DMware (preservation)
retired site originally created to support AIIM's Document Management Interoperability Exchange.  Note: AIIM no longer has a document-management standards activity.
eoWare (preservation)
retired site that was reserved for development of the programming language eo ("dawn"), with its place-holder content preserved here
nfoWare (preservation)
retired for creation of eBooks, tools, resources, and web presence on information-processing topics.  Materials and development projects are being resurrected at and related GitHub projects.
NuovoDoc (preservation)
The retired interoperability architecture consulting practice of Dennis E. Hamilton, with focus on design for interoperability, achievement of system coherence, and architecture for trust and confirmable experience. Operation officially ceased in 2020.
ODMA (preservation)
The retired Open Document Management API repository and development site (an AIIM DMware project), unsupported but preserved for historical purposes.
TROST (preservation)
retired web site of Templates for Raising Open-System Trustworthiness.  The TROST Pilot originated as part of the M.Sc in IT Project Dissertation of Dennis E. Hamilton.  The materials are preserved here for historical purposes and occasional references.
Worthiness (preservation)
This retired site was for the authentication procedures and assessments provided as part of TROSTing.   The effort is no longer supported and the latest status is preserved here for historical purposes.

1.0.2 2022-12-02T19:48Z Complete Subdomain Linkages
The retired sites are reverted to subdomains of nfoCentrale, and the summaries touched-up.
1.0.1 2022-10-30T23:11Z Touch-up Organization
Separate the preservation entries to list following the still-supported domains.  Create test link to
1.0.0 2022-10-11T00:53Z Reflect Preservation Status
Identify preservation of all sites except Millennia-Antica, The Miser Project, nfoWorks, and Orcmid's Lair.
0.02 2014-05-16-10:30 Add Worthiness
The tombstone and subdomain for operation of Worthiness are introduced and developed further.
0.01 2014-01-16-17:40 Revival
The list is updated and revamped to conform to the current Construction Structure styles, formats, and convention for relative references and for reference to the anchored sites.
0.00 2002-01-14-11:18 Initial Construction
Creation of a mini-summary of the sites that are hosted by subdomains and add-on domains

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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the anchor site.

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