Zemanta: Sometimes It Takes a Reboot to Connect the Dots

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Now that's a greeting that tells me I'm wired into Zemanta properly (so far) I don’t know what happened between yesterday and today, but now the Zemanta plug-in for Windows Live Writer knows my handle on my Movable Type implementation of this blog.

It appears that plug-in version 0.660 has cured the problem of associating the plug-in with the Movable Type configuration and the blog that was not working with my installation of version 0.650.

I must let them know on the support site.

So now, life is good.  I can see that my own Flickr pictures are being recommended to me as well as others.  I can forgive them that “plug-in” is leading to many photographs about electric vehicles

The only change from yesterday was that I shut down overnight and then booted-up in the morning.  This may have completed some things for the plug-in update.  Also, the fresh start today may have led Windows Live Writer to refresh some connections as well.  It’s a mystery.

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