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nfoCentrale Web Deployment model (print preview)When I had to become much more web-server savvy as part of having a private installation of Movable Type on my web-hosting account, I realized that my web site deployment and maintenance model had exceeded my mental grasp.  I spent several days making diagrams using borders around groups of annotated spreadsheet cells.  Although I could have used Visio, I found that Excel was much simpler for this kind of diagramming.

A full image of the diagram is not great for viewing on the web.  But you can get a general sense of the way the pillars are connected, starting with my development web folders on the left and my Internet domains on the right.  This image is better for keeping inside my notebooks where I can remind myself how to stage something I am working on.

This diagram is going to see heavy duty in defining and documenting the more-detailed procedures that make this work.  A view of the worksheet itself is a little better for taking a closer look:

 nfoCentrale Deployment Model 0.12 (worksheet view)

This is draft 0.12.  I will be refining the diagram as I work through further details.  Here is the Excel worksheet that I used for this version:


Additiional Category Hierarchy as of 2010-08-22

After extending the category structure for Centrale and sites, I decided to seed the web-development category in the same fashion.

Here the category for retired web-development categories is the {obsolete} sub-category.

I figured that as long as I was busy seeding categories, I might as well start this set as well.

One small problem.  Although I had gone into the Movable Type administration panel for the nfoCentrale Status blog, I could not do anything that had the expansion below the web development category show up in Windows Live Writer.

I tried all of the usual things, including having Windows Live Writer update from the blog theme, having Windows Live Writer re-publish he entire blog, and finally rebooting my computer.

Of course, if I had noticed the refresh button on the Windows Live Writer pop-up for the available categories, something I had done just the day before, I would have the problem solved, as the image demonstrates.

I also finally realized that I don’t have to wait to have something meaningful to say simply to seed each new category.  I can do it with this announcement.

There will be more about what these are when I have more to say about their role in the development of the web sites since the initial creation of InfoNuovo (and just slightly before).

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