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Now that's a greeting that tells me I'm wired into Zemanta properly (so far) I don’t know what happened between yesterday and today, but now the Zemanta plug-in for Windows Live Writer knows my handle on my Movable Type implementation of this blog.

It appears that plug-in version 0.660 has cured the problem of associating the plug-in with the Movable Type configuration and the blog that was not working with my installation of version 0.650.

I must let them know on the support site.

So now, life is good.  I can see that my own Flickr pictures are being recommended to me as well as others.  I can forgive them that “plug-in” is leading to many photographs about electric vehicles

The only change from yesterday was that I shut down overnight and then booted-up in the morning.  This may have completed some things for the plug-in update.  Also, the fresh start today may have led Windows Live Writer to refresh some connections as well.  It’s a mystery. Tags: , ,
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The Zemanta LiveWriter Plugin 0.660 Salutation on Startup Zemanta has released an update of the Windows Live Writer plug-in.  Version 0.660 does not address me as Marko the way that version 0.650 did.  On the other hand, it doesn’t address me by name at all.

Consequently, I don’t know if it was only the message that is changed or is there a change that has Zemanta now properly connect to my Zemanta account and preferences.  It is difficult to tell from the offered Media Gallery and Related Articles suggestions.  My Golden Geekhood has taught me that sometimes problems are “fixed” by hiding the symptoms.

I will play along and see what differences I notice after more usage.  If I can find release notes, I’ll check those too.  For now, I am skeptical that my profile is being relied upon.  Except when I changed my preference for the Zemified symbol, the new version is showing up.  Hmm … Tags: , ,
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The Zemanta Panel on my Movable Type post-authoring browser interface

[update 2010-08-29T19:00Z It’s become clear that Zemanta is worthy of a category.  There will be much to do with Zemanta and I also needed to experiment with how little I need to do to add a category.  This update with Zemanta as a category is in aid of both objectives.]

When I installed Movable Type 4 on nfoCentrale, my first blog posts were accomplished with the browser interface to  the Movable Type configuration. 

As part of Movable Type 4, I took the option to integrate Zemanta.  I didn’t quite understand what it was, but I did take advantage of it in making early posts.

Once I succeeded in configuring Windows Live Writer for operation with my first blogs created/restored using Movable Type, the authoring interface seemed barren without the Zemanta panel and suggestions.

Today, I learned that there is a Zemanta plug-in for Windows Live Writer.  The announcement was about an upgrade for the Wave 4 (Windows Vista and above only) version of Windows Live Writer, but I thought I’d chance it back here on WLW 14.0 on Windows XP3. 

I have completed the plug-in in stall.  On opening WLW, the Zemanta panel showed up at once.  It didn’t customize to my Zemanta account, of course, so I needed to figure out how to have it recognize my already-established Zemanta account and not greet me as MARKO!Zemanta calls me someone else on first start-up in Windows Live Writer

The Zemanta preferences open up in my browser, so I am not that confident that this creates any recognition in the plug-in.  Going to the preferences page does give me more opportunities to customize Zemanta for my use though, and I browse around in other material that I had not dug into before.

On the preferences page, I logged-in properly and these preferences should work for me.Updating my preferences on Zemanta does not seem to have a direct effect on the WLW Plug-In.

I didn’t notice anything different back on Windows Live Writer.  Zemanta is updating and showing me recommendations on today’s hot topics.  Zemanta is also offering links for phrases that I have entered in the text above.  I am still unsure that it is recognizing my account preferences. I don’t see my Flickr recommendations in the Media Gallery, for example.

I also have some concerns for how images are handled.  I won’t know about that until I post using some Zemanta-sourced image.  This post will test that and confirm how well Zemanta in Windows Live Writer works with in the resulting Movable Type post.  Here is a Zemanta-sourced image obtained by clicking it in from the plug-in Media Gallery:Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...

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