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My illustrations comparable to tear-downs are not about hardware.  They are mainly about the installation of software and the discovery of idiosyncrasies and pit-falls that I have fallen into and that others can avoid.

The Bill Detwiler Tandy 100 Tear-Down lovingly presented on Tech Republic (registration possibly required) struck me as a demonstration of great product photography.  Not enough that I want to give a piece of hardware that much love, but enough that I would like similar efforts of mine to come reasonably close.

What’s marvelous for me is the cleanliness of the Tandy 100 at a time when everything was an experiment.  This product became a standard journalist carry-all that can claim its descendants in digital tablets, laptop computers, feature phones (including my personal series of Nokia Communicator phones) and smart phones.

[update 2010-08-23T04:14Z I realized, when posting about additional web-development categories, that I can seed the unseeded subcategories simply by using the seeding post: this one.  This repost is strictly to accomplish that.]

As part of the nfoCentrale anchor-site stabilization, I am seeding all of the new categories I have established.  This will cause each category subfolder to be created and populated as part of the nfoCentrale Status blog structure on the hosted site.  I will then bring those folders under the construction-structure management of the nfoCentrale anchor site.

I have been quietly repaving the nfoCentrale anchor, as part of bringing a systematic sites cleanup and repaving under a single coordination point.

I will also be experimenting with alterations of Movable Type templates here and on Spanner Wingnut in preparation and confirmation of the stages to be undertaken in the systematic re-animation of my now-dormant blogs.

Although this seems to be a diversion from the task of restoring blogs, and I have this pent-up urge to be posting anew on them, this repaving work is crucial for providing me a place where I capture my experience and arrive at a guide that I can follow systematically.  This is also a precaution against any future situation where I need to do more of this, whether because of upgrading to new releases of Movable Type, porting to a new hosted site, simply adding more blogs, or integrating with new, now-unanticipated content-management facilities.

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