Recently in worthiness Category is [reserved] on the list of domains that I am renting for nfoCentrale.  Here’s what that is about.

David Weinberger (via Wikipedia)When I was acquiring the domains for the TROST project, I was also looking for anything related to trustworthiness.  That was too much to hope for (as was trust itself).  But was available.  That put me immediately in mind of the way David Weinberger uses

What I want for is a digital signature that can be used as part of certifying (usually via countersigning) that an open-system component is developed and confirmable in a manner consistent with the TROSTing principles around open-system trustworthiness.

I also saw the site as a way of providing a cataloguing of components that had been so identified and what versions of those were, how to find out more about them, etc.

This is not well-thought-out, and you will notice that there is no site at this point.  I shall remedy that, after determining whether I can make more add-on domains under my current web-hosting service account.

[update 2010-08-23T04:14Z I realized, when posting about additional web-development categories, that I can seed the unseeded subcategories simply by using the seeding post: this one.  This repost is strictly to accomplish that.]

As part of the nfoCentrale anchor-site stabilization, I am seeding all of the new categories I have established.  This will cause each category subfolder to be created and populated as part of the nfoCentrale Status blog structure on the hosted site.  I will then bring those folders under the construction-structure management of the nfoCentrale anchor site.

I have been quietly repaving the nfoCentrale anchor, as part of bringing a systematic sites cleanup and repaving under a single coordination point.

I will also be experimenting with alterations of Movable Type templates here and on Spanner Wingnut in preparation and confirmation of the stages to be undertaken in the systematic re-animation of my now-dormant blogs.

Although this seems to be a diversion from the task of restoring blogs, and I have this pent-up urge to be posting anew on them, this repaving work is crucial for providing me a place where I capture my experience and arrive at a guide that I can follow systematically.  This is also a precaution against any future situation where I need to do more of this, whether because of upgrading to new releases of Movable Type, porting to a new hosted site, simply adding more blogs, or integrating with new, now-unanticipated content-management facilities.

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