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Update 2011-01-23T19:03Z: This is my first-ever post on Orcmid’s Live Hideout.  For some reason, this August 25, 2007 post does not show up when I apply Windows Live Writer as a blog migration tool.  The post is in the blog archive, just the same, and I have recovered that text-only post here by screen-scraping it.  The title is a reference to the theme song from a favorite television series, one that preceded The Prisoner.  This pre-dated page is being placed here as part of my experimentation with Orcmid’s Live Hideout migration.  I won’t migrate everything here, as I’ll explain separately.  This one fits because it is about the blog itself and not some other topic.

Speaking of meta-topics, I have transferred the post here with its original date.  If everything works as intended, Movable Type will create an old archive folder path for  It is all experimental, all the time.

And with regard to experiments, the links into Orcmid’s Live Hideout will fail at some point.  There is some indication that they will redirect to any WordPress migration that I undertake.  We’ll see.

August 25

They Gave Me a Number, Took Away My Name

So here I am, cid-33894f6489994ba7.  Who knew?

This site advertises Microsoft properties and products (such as OneCare subscriptions) that I already have.  Now that's handy.  And they know it, too.

What is even more interesting is that I have somehow earned two of these nameless numbers.  This one comes up if I simply go to and see what turns up.  I have a Windows Live ID (formerly my Passport ID), of course, and that all seems to work out.

The other cid was earned by my clicking on some inane mail promoting Windows Live Messenger Cafe.  That was pretty absurd and I have saved the absurdities for deeper analysis and some forensic autopsy work.

I think I'll play around here just to see how well this all works. 

  1. One challenge is to use Windows Live Writer with this blog.  Maybe I can put up images easier than with my self-hosted Blogger blogs. 
  2. Another challenge is to see if I get to be orcmid here and not run afoul of the Live properties bug that insists I can't be orcmid (so they call me orcmid1 or something) because there is another one.  Hey, that's me, dork!
  3. And then there's wanting to see how this will open up as a social network.  I admire Dare Obasanjo's themes on this topic, but I find it a little difficult to grok the magical association of this endeavor with those ideals.
  4. I wonder if I could associate a URL that I own with this place.  I bought (well, have a lease with option to extend) and it would be nice to have a special place for that.

And I must do something about the color scheme.  Pink is just not my color, you know. 

There are other things that have me go ickkk about Windows Live too, but if Herb Sutter can stand it, why can't I?

- orcmid

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