Woops, More Obsolescence: Windows Live Spaces

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Windows Live Spaces, I Hardly Knew YeI am maintaining my record as a steadfast adopter of disappearing technologies.  It seems that Windows Live Spaces is being migrated to WordPress.com

That means I don’t have much longer to migrate Orcmid’s Live Hideout.  Uh, If I can still find it.  Ah yes, there it is.  It is off my Windows Live pages, but the URL still works.

The easy-migration target off of Live Spaces bloggingThe notice says I have until March 2011 to migrate.  There are also ways to download the Blog to my PC and save it.  I will probably do that regardless.  Oh, and the blog will be locked starting January 2011. 

It is tempting to do the migration.  However, I was going to migrate content I cared about and abandon that blog anyhow.  I might do all three, plus have a full backup.

What fun!

This is more incentive to lower the intensity of my battle to achieve interoperability via genuine open standards for documents.  I want to have more satisfaction building something, and maintaining and writing blogs is part of that.  But I’m not quite ready yet.  But soon.

[update 2010-09-27T20:13Z: Ah, now I see how it is that I learned about this in a Twitter update from the Windows Live Writer folks.  According to this account, WordPress.com will be the default blogging service.]

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