All Blogs Locked Down - Help Is on the Way

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Currently, all blogs but two are locked down. 

Technically, it is not so much that they are locked down as that they have no engine working with them.  The blogs are in the state they were left in when I deleted them from Blogger.  This does mean that some features don't work.  Attempting to leave a comment will fail, for example.

The two blogs thare are operating are

    1. This one, nfoCentrale Status.
    2. My blog on Windows Live, Orcmid's Live Hideout
      This one will disappear someday.  I have been lazy in leaving it standing.  There are posts I need to move before I can drop it completely, though.

This blog is the first one brought up under Movable Type.  I am very happy with my experience so far.  I also see opporunity for treating the previously Blogger-generated blogs as continued under Movable Type.  The feature set is very exciting, and I am having great fun learning my way around and customizing this blog.

The browser-hosted Movable Type Create Entry page  is fascinating.  It, and the whole Movable Type dashboard are very useful.   I will still want to use Windows Live Writer for composing posts, but the browser editor is working fine for getting started.

Once I've tired of experimentation here on nfoCentrale Status, I will turn my attention to rescuing Spanner Wingnut.

[updated 2010-05-03T18:02Z As usual, I needed to fix some wording while also adding a category for Orcmid's Live Hideout, all just for completeness.]   

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When I reported on 2010-05-03 that my Blogger blogs were all dormant, I remarked that the only blogs left standing were this first new one under Movable Type and the neglected but still-standing Orcmid’s Live Hideout.  Although my 2010-06-14 inten... Read More

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