Windows Live Writer: Movable Type Forensics Tool?

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I much prefer Windows Live Writer for its ease of use, the ability to keep drafts off-line, and other capabilities.

Even so, I don’t have complete access to Movable Type functionality, and I want to maximize that.

Two valuable additions would include

  • creation of Movable Type tags/keywords or whatever they are
  • uploading of pictures to the assets folder below the post month that are used when I import images using the Movable Type browser editor for authoring

I am sure there are more provisions of interest, but these are the ones that attract my interest.

What I’m wondering right now is what happens if I retrieve interesting posts into Windows Live Writer, posts that were originally authored in Movable Type’s browser interface.  Perhaps that will reveal something useful about how things work and how I might accomplish the same with Windows Live Writer?

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[update 2010-06-20T01:49Z This original post was created directly in Movable Type by using the MT browser-based editor.  This update was accomplished by retrieving the post into Windows Live Writer, now that it’s operating with Movable Type. ... Read More

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