InfoNuovo: The nfoCentrale Precursor, 1999-02-09

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The domain was registered on February 2, 1999, as part of my creating a web hosting account with VServers.  VServers was a small but helpful organization that would eventually be merged into HostPro and then Interland.  Ultimately, InfoNuovo was served by  What I noticed over the course of time was the reduction in the accountability of the service provider as well as my becoming an increasingly smaller fish in a prodigiously growing pond as web hosting companies consolidated and expanded.  Typically, every time I needed to use an administrative interface for something more involved than just using FTP to my hosted-site directory, I would find that it had changed.

The original appeal was the support for FrontPage Server extensions.  This was accomplished initially on a Windows NT-based hosting service. 

I never used server-side FrontPage Server extensions directly.  I rapidly adjusted to using a development web server that I ran locally on my own machines, with FTP used to populate the public, hosted web site.  This was also more appropriate for dial-up access to the server for updating, something I would learn to do from Italy later on.

Here is what the WHOIS for InfoNuovo still looked like in 2001, with (later-corrected) out-of-date contact information.  InfoNuovo, my business name, was registered at the Mountain View address in 1999 when this started.  By 2001 I was living in Washington State and using the NuovoDoc business name.  InfoNuovo was too close to the name of an already-registered Washington State business that was involved in computers systems work as well. 


   316 Escuela Avenue, 
   Suite 40 Mountain View, CA 94040-1819

   Domain Name: INFONUOVO.COM

   Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
      Hamilton, Dennis
      316 Escuela Avenue, Suite 40
      Mountain View , CA 94040-1819
      +1(650)938-4584 (FAX) +1(650)567-9846
   Technical Contact:
Hostmaster, Interland domreg@INTERLAND.COM

   Record last updated on 14-Mar-2001.
   Record expires on 09-Feb-2003.
   Record created on 09-Feb-1999.
   Database last updated on 23-Dec-2001 22:29:00 EST.

   Domain servers in listed order:



I stopped operating as InfoNuovo near the end of 1999.  I held onto and continued to use as an anchor site for several years.  Part of the reason was the number of links from external web sites that continued to reference, especially for access to, the original anchor for 

After renewing the domain at least two years longer than I needed to, I I ceased renewing my lease on the domain, allowing it to expire on February 2, 2009.

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