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For a short time, I held the lease on orcmid.tv.  I rented the domain on 2007-06-01.  I cancelled on 2008-06-02 after deciding that $49.95 per year was not worth the ego-foo of possessing my own TV domain for hosting videos, especially since I never created a site for the domain.  I gave the money to the International Red Cross instead and went back to holding onto domains having $12.95 annual rents.

Now orcmid.tv/ is simply a shared folder of webcam-produced videos on Scampo.  The videos themselves have appeared on the Microsoft-abandoned Soapbox and also on Orcmid’s Flying Kyte.  I simply stopped making videos after conducting initial experiments.

My goal was to learn how to do tutorials and screencasts.  I also acquired a light-weight video camera in that period, but it is currently in a box somewhere with the first cassette not filled.

Based on that slow rate of progress, and my turning away from creating regular webcasts, it seemed inappropriate to hold onto orcmid.tv.

Robert Scoble, Technology Hyper-EnthusiastMy initial enthusiasm for video was triggered by Scobleizer’s adventures with Kyte and his rapidly moving from webcams to videos captured from smart phones.  I had already obtained a (no-longer offered) Microsoft VX-6000 LifeCam to use with Skype and be able to assist Vicki in making video calls with friends.  I was satisfied enough with the device and Windows Movie Maker to attempt my own webcasts.  The technology has advanced dramatically and Scobleizer has also moved his attention to other video approaches.

Although it would be like starting over, I wonder if it is worth looking into video again.  First, the technology has improved considerably in two years, especially in terms of video quality and the low lighting levels at which webcams now work.  Also, while I slowly learn how to re-animate my dormant blogs using Movable Type, I could direct some of my pent-up desire to write posts toward making more webcasts.

One deterrent, at least as far as Microsoft support for video goes, is the abandonment of support for Windows XP in new Windows Live releases.  I always lean toward adopting the fully-workable accessory software that Microsoft releases, but the pull to upgrade on a schedule that is not of my making is troublesome.  Now I must either upgrade to Windows 7 or else go to third-party producers that are not so foolish to abandon what remains the most-prevalently-deployed Windows version.  I’ll think about that a little longer.

This post has led me to re-examine my interest in videos, screencasts, and webcasts.  The purpose of the post is to seed the orcmid.tv category on nfoCentrale Status.  I also want to confirm that I can embed videos using Windows Live Writer.  I also will use the category for experimental confirmation of a category-retirement technique.  There is also an interaction with Zemanta that seems to be a problem.  And I need to confirm that the video object will appear the way I want it to in the blog post even though it does not show properly in the Windows Live Writer UI.  So I am trouble-shooting all of that.


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    [update 2010-09-02T20:07Z I added the orcmid.tv category and tidied up the table a little bit.  I am also noticing the many ways that Windows Live Writer fails to handle editing of more-intricate [X]HTML content.  After all of this time in... Read More

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