Astraendo: First Things First

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I had it in mind that when I am ready to bring up Astraendo after preserving everything I can off of Scampo, the first things I will do include:

  1. Taking photographs of screens that come up before I can do screen captures
  2. Following Windows 7 initial setup,
    • Complete Internet connection setup to work with my Workgroup LAN and residential router/gateway to the Internet
    • Connect to Windows Home Server and establish the WHS Connector (critical)
    • Install a HyperSnap-DX Screen Capture version appropriate for Windows 7 64-bit so I can do captures of additional configuration, software installations, and setup procedures.

I tend to think that the next essential utility is WinZip, installed in a way where the built-in support for Zip files as Windows Explorer folders is not defeated.  I just can’t remember why I give it such priority, even though it is one of my stock utilities.

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