nfoCentrale: Anchoring All of It

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The nfoCentrale site is not a web site in the usual way.  It is the anchor site on which all of the other sites I operate are situated.  It is in that way that I speak of those sites as being nfoCentrale sites.

The other sites are maintained as folders within the actual nfoCentrale site.  The anchored sites have their own domain names and they behave as independent sites.  But they are managed as in a single account of an Apache Web Server.  That account has the top level be reached via the nfoCentrale link:

Until now it has been unimportant that the other sites,,, etc., are implemented as folders in a single web hosting server account that is all of nfoCentrale even though they have their own domain names for their portions of the site. 

If you nose around nfoCentrale, you'll see that the anchor level of the site has been neglected, consisting of many poorly-connected pages that have been borrowed from other of my sites to serve as placeholders.  I was more attentive to the individual anchored web sites and not so much the part that is infrastructure to the others.  That must change.

Now that I am adding software, especially Movable Type, to my web-server account, the organization and maintenance of the anchor becomes more important: It is at the anchor level that the additional software operates.  

This has led to my introduction of a repaving project at nfoCentrale itself.  I also introduced my first Movable Type blog, this one, under nfoCentrale.  

The repaving accomplishes three purposes:

    1. The nfoCentrale site becomes an useful part of the complex as a repository of information that applies to the overall complex.
    2. The ad hoc techniques for developing, deploying, and backing-up content, including the blogs, are transformed to consistent, systematic practices that I can handle easily and reliably.
    3. It helps confirm that what I provide to manage and organize the sites does not interfere with Movable Type operation. 

This post serves point (3) by ensuring that recent updates have not disturbed the way Movable Type accesses the material it uses at the anchor level.

Once I am satisfied that little bit done to integrate Movable Type into my now-refined nfoCentrale Web Development and Deployment Model, I will take the next step: confirming that I can create a replacement for one of the blogs in an anchored nfoCentrale domain by using the same Movable Type installation.   The guinea pig for this wil be Spanner Wingnut's Muddleware Lab, part of

This is the first nfoCentrale status post since I upgraded the nfoCentrale site and the supporting deployment model in the last few days.  It's success will confirm that I have not broken anything badly, so far. 


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