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The Centrale/{retired} category is being furnished as retirement quarters for previously-active Centrale subcategories.

That may seem a little strange but it works.

A category is implemented under Movable Type as a subdirectory of the blog.  Nested categories fit into nested subdirectories.

I want to capture historical information about the various components of Centrale that go back to even before there was a LAN and workgroup named Centrale to tie them together.

While I’m doing that, I will use the expanded categories that go back to the beginning of my adventure with personal computers.

Later, when I’ve captured and said enough to suit my purposes, I will remove the category from use.  That won’t delete the pages created under those categories though.  And even though the category structure will be streamlined and simpler to navigate, they retired categories will still have their pages available.

This {retired} category will tie those category-specific subdirectories into an index page here as their categories achieve emeritus venerability.

I am seeding all of the new categories with posts so that they will be included in my backup procedures and archived on my development web site from now on.  I can then populate them further as time permits and the spirit moves me.

The subcategories under centrale and sites have been expanded extensively.

The expansion serves two purposes:

    1. The subcategories that I will be needing for a while will have their folders created on the site for backup and maintenance.  They provide places to link to.  They provide places for status about all components of nfoCentrale, including previous components that are now retired.
    2. I can capture historical information about the development of what is now nfoCentrale, by category.

To prevent the categories from being too cluttered in the long run, information about retired nfoCentrale components will eventually be removed from active categories but will remain reachable from the {retired} subcategories under centrale and sites.

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