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[2010-07-04T21:34Z updated to use blog development categories as part of capturing coherent history of the Movable Type installation and configuration experience.]

At this point, nfoCentrale has one installation of Movable Type.  The idea is to use that one installation to implement all of the blogs operated on the different sites anchored on nfoCentrale.

I'm expecting that to work because all of the anchored sites are actually operated in folders of the single nfoCentrale web-hosting account.

The first blog brought up on nfoCentrale was easy, once I realized that I had to give permissions to the MySQL user account that I gave Movable Type to use.  That is this nfoCentrale Status blog.  It worked easily becaus that blog is situated at the root of the nfoCentrale web site and is in the same domain.

The second blog, Spanner Wingnut's Muddleware Lab, turned out to be a challenge.  There was no styling of the pages and none of the links and buttons that involved Movable Type functions (such as search or leaving a comment) functioned properly.

The difference is that Spanner Wingnut is accessed under the domain, not the nfoCentrale domain.  When I examined the generated pages I discovered that the pages are produced as if the Movable Type software is at and    Apparently, Movable Type uses the domain of the blog location as a way to infer other URLs:  The Trackback link reveals that supposition:


F10xx68-2010-05-24-1051-SpannerTrackment.pngThere was other evidence in the broken links to images and other provisions:

F10xx62-2010-05-24-1032-LocationAssumptions.png My prayer was that I would not actually have to replicate the Movable Type installation or do any kind of directory-linking magic.  I trusted that there was some setting that I could find for using the same Movable Type installation from all of the blogs in sites anchored on nfoCentrale.

Fortunately, practically the first setting I stumbled on was the Movable Type CGIPath and what its default is versus what it can be set to have.  Looking at my automatically-produced and minimal mt-config.cgi file, I could see that blog-domain-relative location is indeed the default.

Fingers-crossed, I "commented-out" the generated settings for CGIPath and StaticebPath and substituted the single locations that I want to rule them all:

F10xx79-2010-05-27-2126-mt-config-0.02.pngOnce I uploaded the changed mt-config.cgi to the nfoCentrale  Movable Type installation, and then republished Spanner Wingnut, everything, including trackbacks, worked a great deal better.

I don't seem to have broken anything with this adjustment, and there have been no consequences for nfoCentrale Status posting.

Comments are not working on Spanner Wingnut though.  I suspect this has something to do with the use of cookies as part of that process.  I am going to work on that next.

Once I have the basic operation of Spanner Wingnut in ship-shape, I can start dealing with cosmetic issues, arranging plug-ins, micro-content, and templates the way I want for further operation.  Then it seems that I should be able to use the Movable Type "Clone Blog" function to bring up the remaining nfoCentrale blogs under Movable Type, adjusting the cloning of each one to achieve the different personalities of the blogs.

And then there will be two matters of great interest to me. 

First, being able to use Windows Live Writer for authoring will be much more productive to me.  I must go through the special additions to Live Writer that are needed to accomplish that. 

Finally, though not the least important, the documentation and installation materials for Movable Type recommend several precautions for improving the security of nfoCentrale and its hosting of Movable Type.  I have more to learn before I can reliably accomplish that.

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