Partial Success with Spanner Wingnut

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[update 2010-05-26 Yesterday, I did determine how to have Spanner Wingnut fully operational.  There is more to be concerned about, but Movable Type configuration should now permit any number of additional blogs in nfoCentrale add-on domains to be created.]

I have had only partial success creating a second blog.  The blog is being produced, but the styles and images are not being located properly. 

This may be a consequence of

    • the incorrect location I had set up at first and had to republish out of, and/or
    • the fact that there is reliance on materials that are not in the domain.

I must research this further:


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At this point, nfoCentrale has one installation of Movable Type.  The idea is to use that one installation to implement all of the blogs operated on the different sites anchored on nfoCentrale. I'm expecting that to work because all of the... Read More

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