Preparing for the Site Retirees

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In preparing for the Centrale Retirees I learned that when there are duplicate sub-category names, as with Centrale/{retired} and sites/{retired}, posting via Windows Live Writer will publish to both {retired} sub categories no matter which branch I select it from.  To repair that, I avoided duplication by having Centrale/{retired} and sites/{retirees}.

I renamed the sites sub-category but retained the status/sites/retired-1 location.  By republishing the site, the duplication disappeared, which is useful to know.  This was all done with the Movable Type administrative interface via my browser, so that I had the necessary fine control to eliminate the duplication.

Although the site/{retirees} category has the same function as that explained for Centrale/{retired}, there probably won’t be so much retirement going on.  Still, if some site becomes completely stabilized and no further posting is expected, it will be useful to freeze its status.  Whether I move it to emeritus status here in the {retiree} category or not remains to be seen.

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