Movable Type Step #2: Spanner Wingnut

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It is time for the next step in cutting-over all nfoCentrale blogs to Movable Type: Adding a Movable-Type overlay to the Spanner Wingnut blog.

This will accomplish two things:

    1. Confirmation that the Movable Type setup can manage blogs that are reached from those domains that are anchored to sub-directories of the nfoCentrale site
    2. Verify that my deployment model is sufficient for the changed configuration and that I have the correct setting for directing Movable Type to create the blog in the appropriate place.
This is the fingers-crossed moment.
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Moving to Movable Type from Spanner Wingnut's Muddleware Labs on May 23, 2010 1:41 PM

This post is for confirmation of the Movable Type injection over the existing Spanner Wingnut blog. This is part of the progressive conversion from Blogger to Movable Type.  If this post succeeds, it accomplishes step 2: creation of a second... Read More

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