Web Deployment: Mitigating Windows 7 FrontPage Client Difficulties

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Wholesale upgrading to Microsoft Windows 7 on the Centrale SOHO LAN breaks the existing nfoCentrale web deployment model.  Until I can resolve that problem, I must keep a Windows XP PC system operating well enough to sustain the web-deployment model. 

The Problem

Pages can be checked-out for editing in FrontPage-aware client software, but they can’t be checked back in from the same Windows 7 client PC.  The development server reports that the page is checked-out to a different user (e.g., compagno/vicki instead of scritto/vicki) even though the check-out was done using the same Windows 7 client (and scritto/vicki successfully logged into the development server as compagno/vicki).

I do not know what is different between Windows 7 client PCs and Windows XP client PCs that is at the root of this difficulty.  I also don’t know to what degree the use of a Windows XP Professional PC as the development server might contribute to the problem. 

I do have some ideas about what I might be able to adjust and where I can adjust it.   But while I explore that, I must not do anything that puts the procedures that do work out of business.

Emergency Procedure

Because Scampo, my Windows XP developer PC, had to be retired quickly with an emergency upgrading to a Windows 7 Ultimate developer PC, I adjusted my plans for the preservation of web deployment into three main stages:

  1. Urgent Mitigation: I will always have a Windows XP client for web development and deployment until I can remedy the situation with Windows 7 client PCs.  I needed to ensure that while Scampo was being retired and before the replacement machine was in place.  I needed to ensure that my Tablet PC, Quadro, my last-remaining Windows XP PC, was up and running with the necessary client software before Scampo failed completely or was decommissioned.
  2. Client-Side Stability: I shall preserve the Windows XP client even even after the web-site development configuration is moved from a Windows XP PC to the Windows Home Server (based on Windows Server 2003 and a later version of IIS).  This is necessary to reduce the number of changes happening at once and have a known successful case as a backstop while trouble-shooting and confirming the move.
  3. Preservation of the Model with New Tools: I will solve the Windows 7 FrontPage Client difficulties using the new location of the development IIS, FrontPage extensions, and VSS.  This will include migration to Microsoft Expression Studio if possible.  When that has succeeded, whatever it takes to do that, I can retire use of Microsoft FrontPage knowing that I can accomplish all essential provision of my deployment model with Expression Studio on Windows 7 and beyond.

My Commitment

I am not prepared to give up the current deployment model.  Under that model, all of the nfoCentrale sites and hosted blogs depend on the integration of a Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) development site with Visual Source Safe (VSS) for version-control and backup of development site content.  FrontPage Extensions and FrontPage-aware clients are then used for orchestrating the authoring of static pages.  The public, hosted-web sites are populated from the IIS development site via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for synchronization between a local extract of a development-site release and the hosted web. 

Certain design-time capabilities of FrontPage and Visual SourceSafe are essential to the model and I will find a way to preserve those essential characteristics by any means possible. 

Minimum First Step

As the result of beta-test usage of my Tablet PC, I no longer have a copy of Microsoft FrontPage on that machine.  I also have managed to discard my install disc for Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003.  So I shall use the copy of FrontPage 2002 Upgrade that had been on Vicki’s machine until we updated to a new Windows 7 Machine.  That secured step 1.

It now occurs to me that I can also use Microsoft Office FrontPage 2002 in Virtual PC XP Mode on the new developer desktop.  This may be an opportunity to troubleshoot the check-out and check-in breakdown as well.

To be continued …

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