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Coming soon: orcmid @ Apache

As a newly-minted Initial Committer on the Apache OpenOffice.org Incubator Podling, there is a *nix account and hosted web pages beckoning to me.  Not there yet?  Well, I am about repairing that.

It is natural for me to want to use my existing deployment model for the new site.

Not So Fast, Sparky

There are two important differences. 

First, the new site serves up as a folder of http://people.apache.org/ so I don’t know how much site substructure there is under the public_html/ directory of the ~orcmid account (and I am not that certain of the URL, for that matter).

Secondly, I have to deploy from my new desktop system, Astraendo.  That is because my developer access to ~orcmid and ~orcmid/public_html/ are via Secure Shell (SSH).  I will use PuTTY and its companion SFTP utility to deploy to the account and from there to the Internet.  This works better if I deploy from a working folder on Astraendo rather than on the (to be migrated someday soon) development server that my other sites are deployed from.

Baby Steps

The first step is to produce a single default page and have it visible over the web.  I will do that this way:

  1. Setup http://compagno/orcmidApache.  This is a new sub-web on my local development server.  It is where I will make my pages using FrontPage or other web-authoring tools.
  2. Create Visual SourceSafe project $/orcmidApache and have it bound to the compagno/orcmidApache development sub-web as its source control system.  I can then make a couple of starter pages and also create an images subfolder.
  3. Create Visual SourceSafe project $/apacheOrcmid/web.  This is a mirror (by sharing) of content in $/orcmidApache.  This is where a current set of authored pages are found for publishing. 
  4. Create computer folder C:\publicca\ApacheOrcmid\web.  This is where a current version of the web content is staged.   It is the assigned working folder (on Astraendo) for $/apacheOrcmid/web.  It is refreshed by Get Latest Version from $/apacheOrcmid/web only when I want to refresh the public site.  Staging here is decoupled from subsequent development until another Get Latest Version is pulled over.
  5. Newer pages are published by SFTP transfer from C:\publicca\ApacheOrcmid\web to the ~orcmid/public_html folder at people.apache.org

This chain seems lengthy only the first time.  After that, everything just flows.  This structure also allows for backup from the site to the development source-control system, although I don’t expect to have need for that.

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